Einstein’s Sonata at Festival della Scienza, Genova

Einstein's Sonata
At the end we managed to present the Einstein’s Sonata project at Festival della Scienza, Genova, 29/10/2021.
Einstein’s Sonata is a project aimed at artistically displaying data from the Milky Way generated by physicist Valeriya Korol fro the LISA mission. It featurs my piece for prepared piano “Periplo del Latte” played by Luca Ieracitano. Artistic direction by Samantha Stella. Here some pics from our presentation.

Systema naturae is out, Spring 2020

Composed by Mauro Lanza and me, wonderfully played by mdi ensemble, brilliantly recorded and mixed by Paolo Brandi, published by Stradivarius, with an amazing cover from a work by Marcel·lí Antúnez Roca. We are all very happy of the Systema naturae CD. Some reviews are already coming.