Systema naturae at Naturkunde museum

With Mauro Lanza we had the pleasure to play our whole cycle System naturae, including the three Regna plus the premiere of the final episode, Fossilia, at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Berlin on June 19 with the amazing ensemble mosaik. A huge but rewarding amount of work,  surrounded by dinosaurs. Pics collected here.

Fossilia at Naturkunde Museum Berlin

Imprudences Festival, Paris 10/06/16

We’ve been invited with Simone Pappalardo to participate at the Imprudence festival in Paris, St Merri church, on June 10th 2016. Our Otosimbionte project focuses on feedback systems, so each of us brought his latest fashion bricabrac. Feedback pedals with relais and loudspeaker percussion for me, electromagnetic feedback operated percussion for Simone. Some pics here.
Live at Imprudences
Live at Imprudences

Regnum lapideum, première 29/04/16

So at the end we did it. With Mauro Lanza, after a complex production journey, we finished the third piece of our cycle Systema naturae, Regnum lapideum. A commission by ensemble 2e2m as a result of our residence of this year, they premiered it under the direction of Pierre Roller at the CCR in Paris, on April 29th. Here some shots.

Regnum lapideum
Regnum lapideum, Pierre Roullier conducting ensemble 2e2m