Systema naturae at Naturkunde museum

With Mauro Lanza we had the pleasure to play our whole cycle System naturae, including the three Regna plus the premiere of the final episode, Fossilia, at the Museum of Natural Sciences in Berlin on June 19 with the amazing ensemble mosaik. A huge but rewarding amount of work,  surrounded by dinosaurs. Pics collected here.

Fossilia at Naturkunde Museum Berlin

Regna animale et vegetabile, Tempo Reale 12062015

Thanks to Tempo Reale, I had the opportunity with Mauro Lanza to perform both Regnum animale and vegetabile in Firenze, at Limonaia di Villa Strozzi,  for Maggio elettronico, on June 12th 2015, with our friend of Ensemble Mosaik. It was really an amazing context and project. Some pics here.

Regnum animale and vegetabile with Mosaik
Regnum animale and vegetabile with Mosaik

Regnum vegetabile

My new project with Mauro Lanza, “Regnum vegetabile”, for sextet and electro-mechanical objects, has been performed in Darmstadt, at Ferienkurse, and in Berlin, at Berghain. Commissioned and wonderfully played by Ensemble Mosaik. Looking forward to playing new concerts.
Some shots here, and a live recording here.

regnum vegetabile
Regnum vegetabile with mosaik ensemble