A video of Dispacci, 01/12/2012

Dispacci dal fronte interno [Dispatches from the homefront] is a work for feedback system including ad libitum strings, printer and live electronics, that I presented at Sonic Screens, on 01/12/2012.
Audio from strings, printers and environment is not only manipulated live, but some features are extracted and used to control not only the same sound processing but also the real-time generation and print on the fly of musical notation to be performed by the player. In short, the performer receives “dispatches” which content depends on what s/he is playing.

Here a video by Gianmarco Del Re (thanks!),  featuring:

Èdua Amarilla Zádory – Violin
Ana Topalovic – Violoncello

Dispacci dal fronte interno
Dispacci dal fronte interno