23-24/05/13 Le forme del suono


I will be at “Le forme del suono” festival in Latina on 23-24 holding a SuperCollider crash course. I will also present the “Trilobiti” installation:

A population of 8 radioclocks, each one listening to the surrounding environment. When a sound is detected, each radioclock starts emitting a pattern deriving from the letters composing the word “telegraph”, translated into Morse code. Both listening and emitting happen through radioclock’s loudpspeakers.
To be premiered on May 24th, the day when Morse sent the sentence “What hath God wrought”.
A feedback system, you know when trilobites start singing, but not when they stop.

On 24 I’ll be with Simone Pappalardo and Franz Rosati for a gig at Circolo Hemingway, Latina.