(Live) Projects

For projects and performances you may see my Vimeo, YouTube, my Flickr, and my blog.

The Rumentarium/Objectarium Project

Rumentarium/Objectarium is the name of an approach to acoustic computer music, that is, making music by means of real-time, interactive, computationally-controlled electro-mechanical devices. Its first appearance as Rumentarium (2009) featured and ensemble made by electro-mechanical percussions built with metal boxes and little DC motors.
Now, the various setup include harmonicas, phons, radioclocks, modified loudspeakers. In order to control the setup, different custom hardware devices and various software strategies are used.
Some shots from perfomances are here, here and here.

Some videos from live performances are here and here.
Here the 1 min video that has been included into Computer Music Journal’s special DVD issue related to live coding.

|. (bardot) – with Dario Sanfilippo

|. (Bar Dot) is a project by Dario Sanfilippo (nonlinear dynamical feedbacksystem) and Andrea Valle (computer-driven electro-mechanical orchestra) focusing on the exploration of feedback systems in improvisation. The general idea is that our two systems are interconnected, each one affecting the other one. Andrea’s computer will generate a control signal for the mechanical ensemble based on the analysis of Dario’s sound, and the sound of the ensemble will in turn affect Dario’s system behavior.

A video here.

IVVN – Institute for the Very, Very Nervous

Electro-acoustic improvisation by Gandolfo Pagano (prepared guitar, electronics), Antonino Secchia (percussion set, electronics), Dario Sanfilippo (n.d.f.s.), Andrea Valle (computer-driven electro-mechanical orchestra). IVVN is 4/5 of AMP2 on Die Schachtel’s Hopeful Monster. Here we play with Thomas Lehn for Curva Minore Festival in Palermo.
Here IVVN’s soundcloud site.

Real-time audio systems

I continuously develop software for my live projects that typically never reaches a final state, always based on SuperCollider.
Some screenshots are here.