Multimedia projects and installations

Machina logotelica (2012): created for Logotel in the occasion of the Milano Design Week’s Fuorisalone event Making together, it is based on a 30-piece setup, with 10 radioclocks, 10 percussion and 10 hair-dryer harmonicas, and two old phones. The background loop by radio is stopped when the audience hang on one of the two phones. The phones react to speaker’s voice by triggering a pattern in the two instrumental setup. In short, you play if you speak, and two users speaking together result in a duo.

Rumentario autoedule (2011): an installation using rumentarium and based on feedback. By means of microphones, the output of the rumentarium is captured, analyzed and used to drive the rumentarium itself. First time done in Frascati, Villa Aldobrandini, for the Quadratonomade preview event, then replicated in Como, for the Elettrosensi (2012) seminar cycle at Conservatory. Here‘s a video from Como.

Cotrone (2010): Marcel.lí Antúnez Roca‘s multimedia/interactive play Cotrone features my music. I’ve been involved in interactive sound design too. Cotrone has been presented in Turin and Girona. Music has be published in 2011 as an autonomous work, Arsenale delle Apparizioni.

Maison des Anciens Remèdes (2010-11): the Hall of plants in “The House of Ancient Remedies” in Jovençan, Aosta, is a multimedia immersive space dedicated to the visual, aural and tactile exploration of traditional medical plants in Valle D’Aosta. Sound design for the six different plants made by me an Paolo Armao.

La Terra Guasta (2010): an installation using Rumentarium to sonify in real-time Eliot’s Wasteland, as a meditation on waste and everyday objects. Presented in Palermo, Torino, Firenze.

VEP – Virtual Electronic Project (2005-2010): the VEP project is a major effort in reconstructing the Poème électronique in virtual reality. I have been involved in historical/philological reconstruction, and I have created the multichannel version of the rendering application, shown in New York at EMF (here and here too) and Torino for CIM.

Rohbauten (2009): a short film by Eva Sauer on urban abandoned space. The only audio is my music, entirely made with Rumentarium. Rohbauten has been presented in Firenze, Prato and Hamburg.

Tabula ex-cambio (2009): a real-time, interactive audiovisual representation of the benchmark stock market index for the Borsa italiana. I composed the musical part, designed the sonification and implemented the real-time system

The Edible Edifice: an installation by Avatar Architettura for the Venice Architecture Biennale 2008. The video component features one of the pieces of the Paesaggi su pergamena cycle. Some photos here

La fôret rouge (2007): an experimental documentary on post-Chernobyl contamination by Michela Franzoso (produced by Le Fresnoy and presented at the Panorama8 exhibition). I wrote both electronic and instrumental music (see Lamine d’Antigone)

Alternando da 1 a 100 e viceversa (2003-06): a concert-performance for piano, interactive chessboard, audio-video live processing